If you boil down sugar and handmade sugar wax, you can do hair loss cheaply. It's easy to use.


Depilation that can be cheap with sugar wax

The summer season came when I got lost in the treatment of wasted hair. It is good to shave using a razor or go to a salon, but there is also a method of handmade hair removal wax as one of the cheap methods of removing hair. This time I will show you how to make Sugar Wax handmade. First of all, sugar wax is a so-called caramel liquid made by boiling down sugar. The material can be scented with sugar, water, lemon juice, cinnamon etc as you like. As you can see, the materials are very simple and cheap and can be aligned. It is easy to make. Just boil down the ingredients until moderately thick. When using, warm it to the human skin, etc. by using a water boiler and use it for easy painting. It's safe to use it once it has cooled down and then warmed again. It would be better not to use hot water that does not get too hot when you make a refreshment so as not to burn yourself.

For a specific method of hair removal with Sugar Wax, thinly apply a warmed wax to a location where you want to remove hair with a butter knife or the like, and press the cloth to unite with the wax. When applying the wax, pay attention to the direction in which the hair is growing and apply it in a certain direction, and peel off at a stretch so as to slide in the opposite direction to the direction in which the wax is applied when peeling. You should do it in a small range until you get used to it.

Hair removal using Sugar Wax can be cheap and enjoy a sweet scent, so it will be worth a try once. Hair loss using wax is the mainstream overseas, and sugar wax is widely used.

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