In cosmetics salons, cheap advertisements such as less than half of the usual for new people, it is troublesome to go carelessly.


Experience with cheap hair removal esthetic

I received a hair removal direct mail at my house.
I have been worried about hair of the body from a long time ago, I made an appointment with interest in the contents of direct mail, because it is 80% off for new less than half price.
As the appointment date approached, the mood was also rising.
And it finally became hair removal.
I went to a shop and I was introduced to a private room.
I got an explanation there, but at the beginning I thought that the clerk would be a good customer because the clerk praised us very much.

However, when becoming troubles of the latter half of the body, suddenly become a steep face, as if threatening, as it is, the hair becomes darker with age, it becomes a serious condition I was told that I would do it, I also became frightened.
As a result, I made a contract.
Even though I said that, I thought whether this would be cheap if my long-standing troubles were resolved.
In addition, I can also divide by year, so I thought I could pay little by little.

Since I went home, I was a bit uneasy, so I was surprised to see the contents of the details and future payment contents.
Amount of 90,000 yen was added as related goods in the total amount thought that it was only treatment cost.
In addition, monthly payment, each time it costs 1% of the total fee.
In my case the commission was around 4000 yen.
At that time, I felt distrust in not only the amount of money presented at the store.
In addition, because of the large amount of commission, the principal money does not decrease easily. It seemed as if repaying debts.
And I applied for cooling off the next day.

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